Coaching by Super

Train Hard. Don't Stop. Run Super.

Sabrina Seher, USATF Certified Run Coach in Tacoma, Washington. Injury prevention. Strength Training. Form work. Group Training. Private Coaching. Personal Training. Studio Classes.


Running is an infectious infection that you want to contract! I'm Sabrina. They call me Super and I will be your guide on a journey to run fearlessly.  I am a USATF Certified Coach, but more than that, I live and breathe what I teach.  My  love of running is clearly evident in my professional and personal life.  I believe that the physical and mental strength you cultivate through running directly manifests into all aspects of your life and enhances you as a person.  But first, you must build the foundation with strength and good running form to physically handle the demands. Once you can muscularly handle the demand, the only limit remaining is your mind.


"Street Creds"