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Train Hard. Don't Stop. Run Super.

Sabrina Seher, USATF Certified Run Coach in Tacoma, Washington. Injury prevention. Strength Training. Form work. Group Training. Private Coaching. Personal Training. Studio Classes.


- My gait evaluation with Coach Sabrina helped me to understand running form on a whole new level. Her expertise allowed me to hone in on where my form would break down in my run, allowing me to visualize and execute better form. It took about 20 minutes of her videoing me, sitting and showing me on her phone with all sorts of arrows and screen shots. This was the best piece I took away from her Coaching. It revolutionized my running, allowing me to run stronger and longer without breaking down.

-Coach Sabrina has a way of connecting to everyone and making sure that they feel capable and important. To her a "slow" or "fast" runner isn't important, it's her making sure she understands your goals and helps create a plan that is best for you. Even in a large group setting, she stresses the importance of training to your current ability and not comparing your running to others. Training with her is a positive and motivational environment.

-My running was in a rut until I reached out for help. Since training with her I have gained strength and confidence through her gait evaluations and strength training. My running has transformed, I met many friends and running once again was fun.