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June/July 2019

To sign up, click the link above, log into Mindbody or create an account. Go to the online store tab, click "Services" then select Run Super and select Run Super Trails.

Run Super Trails

Program Overview:

Welcome to the Run Super Trails Training Program. We offer Tacoma’s only trail focused training group. The focus of this training program will be to introduce experienced road runners to trail running as well as help experienced trail runners improve their trail running skills. The 8 week program will offer a custom training program for the months of June and July consistent of the following:

  1. Training schedule/calendar detailing running workouts from June 5, 2019 to July 31, 2019

  2. 8 coached group runs meeting every Wednesday evening (except July 3rd) at 6PM at Point Defiance Trails. Group runs will be proceeded with a 15-20 minute trail running topic or tutorial and 15-20 minutes of injury prevention strength training

  3. Optional “unsupported” group runs to meet Saturday mornings at a location TBD by the group

  4. Weekly newsletter outlining weekly work-outs and informational topics related to trail running

To sign up, click the button above click the "online store" tab, select "Run Super" and then click the Run Super Trails Option. The total cost is $120 for both month! You will also receive the Run Super - Get Dirty Tech Tee!

Why Trail Running:

Well to start, running trails is just plain FUN!

But what else…

We often find that many road runners are afraid to make the cross-over to trail running. The view that trail running is more risky and you are more likely to get hurt is widely held, however this is not the truth. With some basic trail running skills any road runner can successfully cross into the vibrant world of trail running.

Trail running often offers a much more relaxing running environment. It is less about your pace and speed and ability level and more about being outside and getting the most out of the natural beauty we take for granted in the Pacific Northwest. Trail running gives you a great chance to get out into nature and enjoy the amazing summers in Washington. Many find peace on the trails as well. There is something about being in the solitude of nature and running in the dirt that puts the mind at ease. Trail running also offers a lower impact alternative to pounding the pavement. Dirt trails offer lower impact and the “bobbing and weaving” one needs to cut the dirt on the trails gives you strength and agility in working new muscle groups that road running doesn’t fully touch! Working regular trail runs into your training routine can actually have great benefit to your road running. Plus, you get to explore a world most never venture into. You get to see places you would have otherwise never seen and have experiences of a life time.

Who Should Join?

The short answer is anyone who is interested in running trails! We will cater the program to both those who have prior experience in trail running as well as to beginners. While some topics will be introductory, even those with trail experience are likely to pick up some new knowledge! This program will work best for people who have the ability to at least run 3 miles in a single work out and are running around 10 miles per week minimum (although we welcome everyone and can customize for anyone with less experience)! You should join us if:

  • You are interested in trying something new in running

  • You love to be outdoors and love nature

  • You are looking to gain more experience trail running

  • You are just looking to have some fun and enjoy some running company of friends

Run Super Trails Coaches

Your training will be led by two experienced trail runners, Dan Bucci (Gucci) and Sabrina Seher (Super). Dan and Sabrina have an extensive background in trail running and can’t wait to introduce you to trails or help you improve!


Dan Bucci: Dan is an avid trail runner who relocated to Tacoma in order to be closer to the great trails of Washington State. He has been a runner for over 10 years and has completed over 160 marathons/ultras. He began trail running in 2015 and quickly found success as a trail runner. Since 2015 Dan has run many trail races at varying distances, from half marathons to 100 milers. He is a 6 time hundred mile finisher, and has completed a solo run on the Wonderland Trail circumnavigating Mount Rainier. Dan can’t wait to share his passion for trail running with you.


Sabrina Seher: Some describe Sabrina’s running accomplishments as crazy, but to her they are just plain normal. Sabrina has finished over 280 marathons/ultras and has been running trails for over 7 years. Sabrina has finished many of Washington’s most popular trail races including the Chuckanut 50k, Deception Pass 50k, Orcas Island 50k and she is a 6 time finisher of the White River 50M. Sabrina’s passion for trails is evident in the wide grin she has anytime you see her running in the woods. Sabrina offers a deep resume in run coaching and training. She is owner of Super Studios 253 in Tacoma which offers the Run Super training program. She has been training runners to run marathons and half marathons for many years and loves to share her passion for running with others. Sabrina offers the combination of experience and running knowledge that make her the perfect coach and resource for those looking to improve their trail running.